Hammering a stake into the ground

OK, I’ve been painting Empress Miniatures Maori and British figures galore and making New Zealand terrain for long enough now. It really is time to get them out onto a table.

So I’m going to hammer a stake into the ground, and state that my debut New Zealand Wars game will be at the Games Day being held by the Kapiti Wargames Club in Paraparaumu, New Zealand on Sunday 15 July.

Not only will this mean finishing my current batch of Empress figures (which are all only at the undercoat stage), but I’ll also have to sort out cards and a scenario to use the Too Tat Lardies Sharp Practice rules on the day.

3 thoughts on “Hammering a stake into the ground

  1. Made a good start today – a dozen Maori painted in one day, from under-coated through to varnished stage. The only need their bases done now.

    That leaves about 16 further British and militia to do, and a rocket launcher to assemble. Then all the Empress miniatures I have on hand at this stage will be completed.

  2. Yep, even got this batch of Maori based today, plus under-coated and dry-brushed the British so they’re ready to for painting this week sometime.

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