Upgrading Warhammer plastic trees

I’ve mentioned in the past that I’ve used Warhammer trees to represent (vaguely!) the New Zealand bush for my Maori vs British/ colonial battles.

At that stage I only had four of these trees – hardly enough to depict the bush-clad terrain that so many battles were fought over duing the colnial New Zealand Wars.  So I jumped at the chance to buy another eight trees when they came up on the TradeMe auction site  (by the way, once the seller and I made contact, it coincidently turned out I knew him, not through wargaming, but through work!).

I started by assembling the trees, then spray-coating them with a dark base colour (my first batch was black, the second brown – if I did it again, I’d stick to black).  I then used Devlan Mud wash on the trunks, and finished them by dry-brushing with grey.

For the foliage, I used the standard Foundry triple-set of green.  I applied a coat of Devlan Mud between the base and middle coats, which brought out the grooves in the leaves.

I then stuck the trees onto some small plywood bases I have lying around.  I further decorated the bases with pieces of plastic bracken (which I bought from the Christmas department in Ballentynes in Christchurch last year) and some paper ferns from Right Track.

The last step was my standard base texture method – PVA glue, dipped in a mixture of different grained sands and crushed shell.  I don’t believe in painting my bases after texturing, so once dotted with a little static grass – voila! –  the project was complete, and the bush ready to be populated by warlike Maori warriors!

I propose to use these trees for more than just the colonial New Zealand Wars.  For example, I think they’re not too weird for any period set around the Mediterranean – eg southern Spain during the Peninsular War.  And I must say they would be ideally suited to depict a Caribbean jungle for my Foundry pirates to skirmish in, as depicted below (though the typical New Zealand cabbage trees dotted amongst the Warhammer trees in this photo  might not be so appropriate for the Spanish Main!):

4 thoughts on “Upgrading Warhammer plastic trees

  1. Thanks for the nice comments, Michael, Scott and Allan.

    It’s funny – for over ten years I had four of those trees lying round, made up but not painted. It was only recently, after I figured they could be good for NZ Wars and painted them up, that I realised how good they would be for many periods.

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