First look – Empress’s second release of NZ Wars

They’re heeeere!  Empress Miniatures’ forthcoming second New Zealand Wars release!

Above:  Regular skirmishers.  These unusual poses will be an interesting challenge to include in a gaming unit, as they won’t fit on most people’s regular bases.  But I’m sure that I’ll find a purpose for them, nevertheless!

Above: Regular officer and sergeant.  The first release also had regular officers and an NCO, so this pair will give your units a bit more variety.  I especially like the pose of the officer looking at his watch.

Above: Militia sappers. Again, the two on the left I’m not sure how you would use in a game.  But the two on the right would be good to lead a storming party on a pa.  And I do like the guy wiping his brow, just as a great model.

Above: Māori with shotguns.  Shotguns, called tupara (literally ‘two barrels’) were popular weapons amongst Māori warriors.

Above: Armed Māori women.  A taua (war party) was typically composed of males, although there were occasions when women fought as well.  And it was traditional for women to defend the pa when the men were away at war.

More info on the Empress Miniatures website.

4 thoughts on “First look – Empress’s second release of NZ Wars

  1. I think those minis would work great for a sapper party. With something like Sharp Practice, you can easily include them in a game where your other troops are supposed to protect them as they go about some task or another.

  2. It’s really great to see the Empress NZ Wars range expand! It makes possible an idea I have for a demo game much more likely to occur and has got me all hot and bothered under the collar!

    Fabulous stuff from Empress!


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