Toying with ‘toi-tois’

A Māori warrior brandishes his weapon from a grove of toitoi bushes. This is another progress shot of my work on my New Zealand plant terrain.  I think that it is starting to really get the look of the New Zealand bush that I’m after.

I painted and assembled the toitois tonight, with their distinctive feathery heads. I also put together half a dozen flax bushes – you can just see their brown branchy type shoots (or whatever they’re botanically called!!!) in the mid-distance, along with some of the ferns I made last night.

Tomorrow I’ll work on more of the cabbage tree kits.  There’s one in the background of this photo, but I think it needs a bit more work on the dead leaves.

At the moment all these plants are not yet based – I just placed them into a shallow box to take this photo.



Filed under Colonial New Zealand Wars, Empress Miniatures, Terrain

3 responses to “Toying with ‘toi-tois’

  1. I’ve got to say, that is looking tremendous Sir. What a find those plants turned out to be.

  2. Looks very authentic Roly!

  3. Just another thought, but to ‘translate’ for non-kiwis: toi-toi’s are also known as pampas grass, at least in the UK!

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