New Zealand tree kits available

Further to my posting yesterday about an excellent range of New Zealand trees for use in NZ Wars wargames, I’ve bought some more, this time in kit version.

These Right Track kits are available for sale to New Zealand buyers on TradeMe for round $NZ11 to $NZ13 per pack (plus postage).  You can make between three and six plants from each kit.

For overseas buyers, Lawrie Copp from HobbyMailer tells me these kits can indeed be sold overseas – he would just have to first contact the post shop to find out the appropriate postage costs.  They are small flat packages, so I imagine wouldn’t be too costly to mail.  If you wish to purchase any, contact me on roly UNDERSCORE hermans AT hotmail DOT com, and I’ll pass on your order to Lawrie.

I hope I've given you something to think about - please do leave a comment with your thoughts or reactions.

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