My Waterloo photo wins a national newspaper competition!

A photo that I took during the 2005 reenactment of the Battle of Waterloo has just won me a digital camera!  This occured in the weekly ‘Smugshot’ travel photo competiton in the Sunday Star-Times,  one of New Zealand’s national Sunday papers.

Coincidently, the camera I have won is the exact same model that my wife recently bought me!

Here’s the caption of the photograph in the Sunday Star-Times:

Waterloo, Belgium

Roly Hermans, Paraparaumu

My son and I travelled to Belgium to a reenactment of the Battle of Waterloo.  One morning we were walking across the site where the battle actually took place in 1815, when we heard the sound of hooves behind us.  We turned to see the French Emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte, riding towards us with his cavalry escort.  Even though the ‘Emperor’ was only an actor, we felt awed, and as the cavalcade trotted past us it felt like we had not only had travelled halfway round the world, but also nearly two hundred years back in time.

Below is a better view of the winning photo (click on the pic to enlarge it).  I must admit that I have always been particularly pleased with this shot.  The composition worked out really well with the horsemen rounding a bend, and the morning light and dust in the background really emphasise Napoleon on his white horse.  And, if it wasn’t for the electric fence in the background, this photo could almost have been taken in 1815!

You can see lots more of my photos of the 2005 Waterloo reenactment, and also read my reminiscences of the event, on this posting.



4 thoughts on “My Waterloo photo wins a national newspaper competition!

  1. Great image, Roly! With a bit of time you could easily remove the electric fence using Photoshop without compromising the shot. Congratulations on your win!

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