Wonderful old Russian codger

I stumbled across this picture on a French miniatures forum, Les 3 Abeilles.  I have no idea who the painting is by or when it was painted. But what a wonderful stalwart old character this Russian soldier is!

I’m no expert on Russian uniforms, but presume this guy dates back to either Napoleonic or Crimean times.  Click on the image to see it in bigger and crisper detail.

8 thoughts on “Wonderful old Russian codger

  1. Gotta agree, its a fantastic picture, I’d guess a Napoleonic pic, only because the guy in the background has a shako, but what the hell do I know!!

  2. Roly – I think that what we have here is a grizzled veteran of the Russian Pavlov Grenadiers. The guy in the background in the shako would be an officer of the same regiment who didn’t wear the mitre.

    I’ve got the same picture salted away for future potential use. I can’t remember where I got it from though!

    von Peter himself

  3. Interesting, I didn’t think mitre-caps featured in the Napoleonic period? I always thought them more a feature of the earlier c18th conflicts.
    Certainly a nice pic regardless.

    1. Pavlovsk Grenadiers kept their mitres until 1914. As they retained them and passed them down to recruits there were grenadiers walking around in 1914 wearing mitres with bullet holes from the Napoleonic wars in them. Amazing.

  4. Definitely a Pavlov Grenadier (later Guards) from the Napoleonic era. They were the only ones to retain their mitre in the later Napoleonic period. The backpack is also a giveaway that it is post-1812.

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