More painted Māori, colonials and British by Empress

Here are a few more shots of my on-going New Zealand Wars project, photographed with my new little camera.  The figures are all 28mm Empress Miniatures.

British 58th regiment of Foot (The Black Cuffs) – two privates, a bugler and a sergeant.  And, yes, that’s our real horse you can just see in the background!

Colonial militia.  I like the way Empress have given them each different personalities – the grizzled veteran on the left, and the kneeling young recruit.  You can’t see it in the pic, but the firing figure (whom I’ve painted two of) has a dapper Napoleon III beard.

 Māori toa (warriors), some in flax skirts, other in linen kilts, armed with tomahawks, wooden clubs and muskets.

More toa with a mixture of dress and different weapons, including two with bone patu (clubs).  Some of my figures are adorned with intricate tatoos particularly visible on the thigh of the figure on the left.  By the way, the camera angle has made the upper bodies and limbs of the figures in this pic look bigger than they actually are.

3 thoughts on “More painted Māori, colonials and British by Empress

  1. They look great Roly, just as good as I enjoyed seeing them in the flesh, er …lead! I especially love the little fern details on the bases – excellent. Sorry I didn’t get back to you with the camera, but you have clearly found a suitable one!

  2. Thanks for the comments, guys.

    I have used a bit of artistic licence in those designs, Michael, so don’t take them as absolutely accurate! My aim with these (as with many other miniatures I paint) is to get them to match the image in my mind, rather than their necessarily real look.

    And, Scott, no worry about the camera – as you can see this new little camera of mine, despite its cheapness, seems to do an acceptable enough job. I just have to decide on the best set-up for the lighting and background.

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