‘The Last Argument of Kings’ – first impressions

I’ve recently received my copy of The Last Argument of Kings, Warlord Games’ 18th century supplement to their Black Powder rules.  And I’m thoroughly enjoying the book.

The Last Argument of Kings gives a really good overview of warfare in the 18th century period to the non-expert (like me), and lots of great gaming ideas.  The rules amendments for each sub-period/army seem pretty neat (though I haven’t tested any in play yet).  And the selection of sub-periods gives great variety – it’s not just all tricornes in Middle Europe.

But, most of all, the book really inspires with a wonderful feel for the period, both through its writing and the quality illustrations.

While it is reported on some forums that there might be some gaffes in The Last Argument of Kings, I don’t know enough about the period to be sure if there are, or how important they are.  But if there are any such gaffes, they don’t detract from the book for me.   I’m really pleased with my purchase.

I guess people’s like or dislike for this book will depend on their gaming type. If they are they aesthetic gamers who go for the look and feel of a game, or social fun gamers who just want a simplish set of rules that creates an overall period feel without too much worry on the detail, they’ll likely enjoy it.

But if they are gamers who go for as much realism and accuracy as possible in their games (and thus their rules), or gamers who like tight rules to determine winners and losers, they may not enjoy The Last Argument of Kings as much.

I’m in the former group!

3 thoughts on “‘The Last Argument of Kings’ – first impressions

  1. Good post Roly and I too fall into that ‘former group’. I’ve pre-ordered my copy from MaelstromGames, and my first box of WSS troops arrived yesterday from Wargames Factory, so I am looking forward to getting some paint on these guys, once I clear space on painting table! Plus I suppose we dont have to worry overly about historic accuracy and its ‘fluff’, if we are going to be trying out ‘imagi-nations’ anyway 🙂

  2. Scott, I just looked at Maelstrom and they have the wrong price on their pre-order list – it’s a softback book that retails for 18GBP from Warlord Games. It’s a great read and we’re busy painting 7YW forces with 15mm figures as there’s not much out there in the 28mm world that’s available or that I like

  3. Hi Roly,
    Glad you liked the supplement. All the sweat and tears were worth it. Anytime you are in the UK you are welcome to come and have a game!!
    Pete Brown

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