Pirate game on lovely portside terrain


I had a very enjoyable pirate game today, hosted by Scott Bowman, and using his impressive new port terrain.   It was a three-way battle: Scott, Brett Mudgway and myself, all out for ourselves (somewhat akin, though on a grander scale, to that scene in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, where the three main characters are all threatening each other on the sandy shoal).

The game didn’t start too well for me, with my quartermaster blasted to the ground by a cowardly grenade.  And it pretty well went downhill from there, with most of my crew fighting rather ineffectually and gradually being picked off one by one. 

One pirate remained worth her salt, though.  The Dread Lady Pirate Barbarella, fierce despite her Kate Perry-ish pink and sky blue costume, managed to scone two of Brett’s characters, including Squire Trelawny himself. 

The end of the battle was a major no-holds-barred fight between Brett’s and my crews, whilst Scott (our host, remember?) merely arranged his men into a firing line and peppered our fray with bullets, not caring which of our innocently-fighting sailors they hit. 

By the end of the game, six out of my eight crew had been wounded or otherwise incapacitated.  Fortunately only one of them was killed outright – poor Jean le Bonk was committed to the deep after his first-ever fight.  The rest of the crew eventually came to, stood up and brushed off their clothes, ready to fight again one day soon … revenge will be ours!

Great game, and very good company.  Wargaming just the way I like it – no rules lawyering nor historical detail fanaticism.  Wonderful and light-hearted. Many thanks to Scott for hosting the game, and for spending all week creating this amazing terrain to be ready for today’s bash. 

Here are a couple of the great photos Scott took.  He has posted tons more photos of the game on his wargaming blog

5 thoughts on “Pirate game on lovely portside terrain

  1. Yes a brilliant game Roly. Glad you did a post about it as well, as I couldn’t remember all the names, faces and events as they occurred!
    Farewell Monsieur le Bonk, ye shall be sorely missed…, like my poor Willie!
    Till next time ship mate!


  2. What a superb layout! Very impressed with what Scott has done with the polystyrene sheet which is ideal for such a project. Will there be a sea fight in the next game?



    1. Thanks for that. Truth to tell, it is a while since we played this, and I can’t recall how the ship to ship went. Must play it again – it is a fun game and good-looking period.

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