Big aftershocks hit Christchurch

Drat, Christchurch has had two more big aftershocks today.  I gather the heading photo in my previous posting is now inaccurate, as initial reports say the rose window was damaged more today. 

I so feel for you, Christchurch citizens, and also feel sad myself as Christchurch was my childhood home. 

4 thoughts on “Big aftershocks hit Christchurch

  1. While I don’t believe that it will happen, my wife keeps saying that Christchurch will have to be abandoned.

    But the rebuilding effort will be very difficult and will take a long time (and a great deal of money) . . . and, of course, the city will never be the same.

    Fortunately from what I’ve read there are no reported deaths and few injuries from these most recent 6.0 and 5.5 quakes.

    My prayers go out to all on South Island . . . may you all stay safe.

    — Jeff

  2. My sister-in-law had already moved to Auckland because her house was damaged. We got an email from her today . . . now her house has been broken in two and is sinking (due to liquefaction).

    Stay safe, sir!

    — Jeff

  3. Jeff, I’m safe – I don’t live in Christchurch nowadays. I should touch wood as I say that though, because it was my city, not Christchurch, that was always expecting The Big One. Sort of like people in LA and San Francisco saying they’re safe if New York had a series of big quakes!

    That’s bad news for your sister-in-law about her house. At least personally she’s now out of it in Auckland, but having the worry of the house must be a heart-break.

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