Minden Miniatures ‘Prussians’ à la Barry Lyndon

It has only taken my about four months, but here is my company of ‘Prussian’ grenadiers by Minden Miniatures.  They’re in 1/56 scale (near enough to 28mm).  Don’t forget to click on the photo to see it enlarged.  And bear in mind that my camera tends to lighten the colour blue, so the soldiers’ coats are actually a much darker hue.

I’ve put the word ‘Prussian’  in quote marks because I have painted them with some rather grave inaccuracies.  And I made those mistakes on purpose.  Why?  Because I am not painting a Prussian regiment as such, but rather a Prussian regiment as depicted in the movie Barry Lyndon, to be part of the army of my ‘imagi-nation’, the Barryat of Lyndonia.  So where the movie has inaccuracies, I repeat them!

OK, so the movie doesn’t have grenadiers in mitre caps.  But I really wanted some of those smart-looking guys, so I’ve conjectured how director Stanley Kubrik would have shown them, had he wanted to.  Basically, they’re the same as his Prussian musketeers, but wearing mitre caps instead of tricornes.  

Prussians in the film 'Barry Lyndon'

The other main inaccuracies?  Well, the crossbelts should be white leather, not tan (I suspect Kubrik merely reused the crossbelts he had had made for his British infantry), and the coat turnbacks should be red, not white.  There are other smaller things too.   

Anyway, this is the first of three companies (the other two will be musketeers) that will make up my ‘Prussian’ regiment of 60+ figures, to include in the army of the Barryat of Lyndonia. 

For more detailed info on my Barryat of Lyndonia project (including more stills from the movie), check out this posting.   

4 thoughts on “Minden Miniatures ‘Prussians’ à la Barry Lyndon

  1. Nice brush work and basing on those Minden figures! Actually the term “fusilier” applies to the newer regiments that wore a smaller mitre cap. The fellows in tricorne were called “musketeers”. Also, Prussian officers did not generally have moustaches, a small point that Kubrik missed.



  2. Thanks for that, Jim. I’ve changed the word ‘fusiliers’ to ‘musketeers’.

    Kubrik missed an awful lot of points, besides the officers’ moustaches! Luckily that doesn’t detract from the wonderful movie. And I actually can’t imagine Captain Potzdorf (Hardy Krüger) without a moustache!

    I may have made a mistake painting a moustache on my musketeer sergeant with the tricorne. Looking more closely at the figure, I suspect there wasn’t one sculpted there, anyway – it was just an incorrect assumption on my part. A quick dash of flesh paint should fix that.

  3. Compliments!
    ‘Not too much’ inaccurate uniforms -from movies, comics, uniform plates…- are a great source of ‘imagi-native’ yet perfectly credible units.

  4. I think that NCOs wore moustaches in the Prussian army but not the officers. I will have to look up the flag in my copy of Bleckwenn but the uniform looks like that of IR13 Itzenplitz Based on his French regiment, I doubt that Kubrick was to concerned about matching the flags to the correct regimental uniforms for the Prussians. Hardy Krueger had one of the best roles in the film


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