Pics of Empress Miniatures’ New Zealand Wars range

Pre-release photos of the entire first release of Empress Miniatures’ new ‘New Zealand Wars’ range are up now on their site.

I LOVE the chieftains, especially Hone Heke in his distinctive peaked cap (far right).

And even if you’re not into the New Zealand Wars per se, the naval rocket brigade and the armed civilians would suit many other periods.

3 thoughts on “Pics of Empress Miniatures’ New Zealand Wars range

  1. Figures look most tempting. Have you any suggestions for rules- GASLIGHT perhaps? I used to have a New Zealand film on this period I think- perhaps it was one of the later wars I can’t remember. I used to watch it a lot but I think I no longer have it. It seemed to have as a main character a warrior in a cap, not to mention a settler with an amazing high bore shotgun I think. Do you know the film and can you remind me of the title so I can track it down on dvd? Finally any reading suggestions welcomed too…

  2. The figure next to Hone Heke is Tamati Waka Nene. It is based on a drawing from the book “The Colonial New Zealand Wars”.

    The figure on the far left is a chieftainess. It is not based on a specific historical personality but inspired by various accounts of female Maori leaders. If memory serves right, at least 17 of the 500 chiefs that signed the Treaty of Waitangi have been identified as women.

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