The drought has broken!

After not picking up a paintbrush since late last year, last night I finally took the plunge and applied the first base colour on a company of Minden Miniatures’ SYW Prussians.

Hopefully that will finally overcome my painter’s block, which has been particularly vexing because with being unemployed since late last year, I should really have had much more time to spend on painting!

Oh, and I had a very positive interview today for a job in which I am in the final 2 from 135 applicants. So fingers crossed, everybody! After all, the chances are now just like a 1,2,3 = miss; 4,5,6 = hit dice throw!

UPDATE 9 March 2011:

Rats, I only threw a 2!

Still, the good news is that another job I was interviewed for yesterday is still live. Unfortunately I don’t know how many other people are on the shortlist, so I don’t know what number I’m going to have to throw on the dice to get that job!

UPDATE 7 April 2011:

Finally threw a 6!  I start a contract at the Royal New Zealand Police College next week. 

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