Sharpe figures by Alban

My eye was caught by the following two new figures on the rather spartan Albans Miniatures blog. I’ve always fancied a good figure of Sergeant Obadiah Hakeswill, the wily villain in some of the Bernard Cornwell books. And this one, coyly renamed as Sgt Shakewell by Alban, is just the bee’s knees. I like the way he is looking at the picture of his mother in his shako, as per the books.

Sgt Shakewell and Corporal Hammond

Alban figures are sculpted “anatomically correct”. No, not THAT type of antomically correct! But the type of anatomically correct that aims to get human proportions right. In the past, I have found this looks odd, as the heads look too small. But having got used to the similarly-sculpted Minden Minatures figures, the style is starting to grow on me.

The above figures will match well with the following pairs from Alban’s range, to make a nice Sharpe-themed set.

3 thoughts on “Sharpe figures by Alban

  1. Roly,

    The timing for the Hakeswell figure is quite apt as the outstanding character actor who plays him in the Sharpe movies, Pete Postlethwaite, died recently of cancer. He also played the part of Captain Beams in the Last of the Mohicans…admittedly, only a small part in that movie, but none the less a very good actor. I particularly liked the twitch he did as Hakeswell.

  2. Jeez, could the pics on that guy’s site be any smaller? I /think/ those are human figures and not aliens or pigs or something. But I’ll take your word that they’re lovely Sharpe’s minis, and remember them for my dad’s birthday….

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