Made redundant – is this ‘The Opportunity’ for a wargames job?

As some readers know, at Christmas I was made redundant from my job as an education specialist/publications coordinator.  So I am currently in the throes of looking for a new job here in Wellington.

But in the midst of applying for loads of education, writing/editing, communications, publishing coordination, project management and web managing  jobs (those are my skills)  for various government departments and corporations, I keep thinking that maybe this is ‘The Opportunity’ that has been given to me to break into a job that more reflects what I enjoy.  So something to do with wargaming – maybe writing and coordinating the publication process for a gaming magazine or website, or perhaps professional model-making and painting.

Of course, opportunities for such wargaming or modelling-related work are limited, especially so here in New Zealand.  However, I have flung my hat into the ring at Weta Workshop (get it? into the ring!) for model-making work, though I’m told there are literally thousands of others who have as well, so I won’t hold my breath.  And I keep looking at the Flames of War site and kicking myself that a publishing  job right up my alley was advertised there a year or so ago, before I got my shock redundancy. 

Well, it is probably just a pipe-dream anyway, and in time (hopefully not too long, as my wargaming funds have already dried up!) I’ll get a more normal job with one of those government departments or other corporations, and ‘The Opportunity’ will quietly slip on by.  But I thought it would do no harm to mention my dream here on my blog, just in case someone from ‘The Opportunity’ happens to read this, and thinks to himself, “Roly is just the guy we need!”

And failing that, who knows,  maybe someone here knows of a more normal job that they think I could go for?


PS:  The image comes from a site I stumbled across called Streets of Sadness:  ‘Many of us are affected by the current financial situation, and for some of us, the first time we’ve had to think about making ends meet. The Streets Of Sadness effort attempts to shed light on those who’ve had it bad for a long time. These signs tell a heartbreaking story of each individual’s life, all encapsulated into a cheap little cardboard message.’

7 thoughts on “Made redundant – is this ‘The Opportunity’ for a wargames job?

  1. I got the “ring” reference . . . but sometimes rings make things disappear . . . but sometimes they’re glorious too.

    So I wish you good luck, sir. Bon chance!

    — Jeff

  2. Long time reader, first time commentator . . .

    The Weta-People look neat – who else would have directions to their office, treasure map style!

    Plus, for a while at least, you’ve got time to make a dent in the pile of lead!

  3. Oddly enough, I have not touched a paint-brush since being made redundant. I think the efforts of finding a new job, not to mention being the “house husband”, have put me completely out of the mood to relax and paint.

  4. Sorry to hear that Roly. I lost my job back in 2008 and it took me 15 months to find something. Making half what i did 3 yrs ago, but it’s not a bad job.
    I made extra cash to supplement the employment insurance by painting for money. You could charge a decent amount for your work.

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