My Minden Miniatures finally based

Well, here they are, hot off the press … er, painting board,  my Minden Miniatures French and British regiments, and finally based on their Litko bases.  These figures are the first two regiments for my imagi-nation project, the Barryat of Lyndonia, painted up as per the movie ‘Barry Lyndon’. 

If you click on the photos, you’ll get nice big versions where you can easily see all the blemishes in my impressionistic painting style!

Oh, by the way, these photos are quite roughly set up, basically just as I finished flocking each base.  So some things may be in wrong positions – grenadiers, flags, officers etc … but the pics give the general idea.

[above] Gale’s Regiment of Foot marches into a skirmish against a rearguard of Frenchmen who occupy an orchard beside a road down which the English main force wish to pass.  

[above]  The French Régiment de Royal-Cravates counterattacks.

[above] A closer view of the Régiment de Royal-Cravates counterattacks.

[above]  This is what big wargames units look like!  Sixty-plus figures, including lots of separate officers, NCOs, drummers and so on.  The exquisite flags are by GMB Design.

[above] And here’s the same view from the French side.

6 thoughts on “My Minden Miniatures finally based

  1. Nice looking figs. Have you looked at Batailles de l’Ancien Régime 1740-1763 (BAR) for rules? I’ve got a 60 man Russian Btn.

  2. These are beautifully done, Roly. I’m impatient to see them on the battlefield, but sadly my own force hasn’t budged much on the painting table in the last few months. With my new job I don’t expect next year will be much better, but my Mindens will be my priority.

  3. Nothing equals ‘big battalions’ and no size equals 28-30mm: when both are combined and splendidly painted as you do, the result is a pure gem.
    How will the Prussian regiment fit in the Barryat of Lyondonia? Will you ‘explore’ the rich archive of movies & TV series with ‘inaccurate’ -but often pleasant- 18th C. uniforms?

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