Great ruined temple model

I stumbled across a great blog tonight, Golconda Rising, which is about gaming the 18th century colonial wars in India.  The blog, whilst new, already has some really mouthwatering treats on it. One picture in particular struck my eye – a ruined temple made by Herb Gundt of HG Walls:

The reason this picture appealed to me so much is that it reminds me of one of my most favourite places I’ve visited in my travels – the ruined and overgrown Ta Prohm temple in the Angkor Wat complex in Cambodia. Here’s a couple of my photos of Ta Prohm (only spoiled by the Japanese tourist in the gateway of the first pic!):

While Cambodia is a long way from India, I think you’ll agree that the model on the blog really portrays the look and atmosphere feel of a ruined temple.

I must say the Golconda Rising blog sorely tempts me to break out from my Euro-centric constraints for my current Seven Years War project!

PS: If you click on my two pictures above, the large images that result make great desktop wallpapers, if I may say so myself! 

2 thoughts on “Great ruined temple model

  1. I agree, these will make wonderful wallpaper. When I showed them to my wife, she asked me to copy them and send them to her computer for just that purpose.

    — Jeff

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