Minden Prussians underway

I undercoated my Minden Prussians last night to commence the next regiment in my ‘Barry Lyndon’ armies (or, the armies of the imagi-nation of the Barryat of Lyndonia).   I’m starting with a grenadier company of 18 men plus supernumeries, and will then do two similar-sized companies of musketeers to fill out the regiment.

Above: A company of painted Minden French and the undercoated Prussians, along with an errant painted Foundry pirate.

 The Minden Prussians are lovely figures, as per normal.  The sculpting and casting is exquiste, and the poses really capture the look of eighteenth century soldiers.

After much musing, I’ve gone for Litko bases in the end.  I’m told they have been despatched, so they should be with me very soon.  So I’ll then backtrack to my painted French and British regiments and finally get them based.

I’ve also got a unit of Prussian dragoons waiting in the wings to be painted after the infantry are completed.  These will be done in light blue coats with pink facings.

By the way, I might get a bit more painting time next year, albeit reluctantly, as my job is being disestablished at Christmas.  So if anyone knows of a good job for an unemployed writer/project manager/educator/trainer, please let me know!

4 thoughts on “Minden Prussians underway

  1. Hi Roly,

    Why not use steel bases ? Heavier than wood or plastic so a more stable figure when upright. Plastic or wood at 3mm thick look too high( to my eye ) and each figure looks like its on a pedistal and too high in relation to the figure height. Steel also will work with magnetic movement trays ( if you need height then the tray will acheive that ).
    I have in the past used roofing sheet lead which provides an even more stable figure base. Expensive and time consuming to cut out but I found works well and still holding the coloured sand after 20+years.

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