Patrick O’Brian’s ‘Captain Jack Aubrey and Dr Maturin’ novels

I’m back into reading the last few books in the Patrick O’Brian series of nautical novels about Captain Jack Aubrey and his particular friend Dr Stephen Maturin during the Napoleonic Wars.   Beautifully, beautifully, beautifully written books.  They do take a little perseverence to get into initially, but once you’re hooked, they effortlessly take you back two hundred odd years.  I’ve been reading the whole series over the last year or two, and am now sadly drawing near the end.

Here’s the ending of the movie version of Master and Commander [note – contains spoiler].  At 1:20 Captain Aubrey (Russell Crowe) and Dr Maturin begin to play their instruments in  a marvellously evocative piece of music to match the scenes of drumming to quarters:

5 thoughts on “Patrick O’Brian’s ‘Captain Jack Aubrey and Dr Maturin’ novels

  1. A superb series of books which I have read through at least twice and my favorite individual books far more! A great film as well.

  2. I still haven’t made my way through all of them, but find them the best of all the other naval fiction. The way O’Brien wrote them, you’d almost think that they were written in the period they were set.

    The movie was a great adaptation of the book, though the title had little bearing on the book and I was disappointed they substituted the French for the Americans.

  3. Roly, are you aware that the sound track to the Master & Commander movie is available on CD in NZ? I scored a copy from Borders a year or so back but sadly only get to play it when the family aren’t in residence…a bit like my Sharpe music CD.

  4. I’m in the same position – I have just “The Hundred Days” and “Blue at the Mizzen” left. Although I suppose I could then start from the beginning again…

    “Master and Commander” is an excellent film, beautifully made by Peter Weir. The last time I watched it was on an Emirates plane flying back from Auckland to Sydney in March!


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