Valeur et discipline

Click on the image to visit my old 'Valeur et Disipline' website

Today I was looking for pictures to illustrate a posting on WD3 forum about how to fold miniature flags realistically.  I was trying to find an old picture showing a well-folded flag, so started hunting though my old websites.

When I got to my Napoleonic French website, Valeur et Discipline, I realised that I had forgotten how pleased I was with the overall look of this site.  I haven’t visited it in several years, so it was great fun re-reading my own articles and looking again at the pictures.

The site was made in Dreamweaver, using an invisible  table layout (yes, I know, table layouts are very dated now).  I’m quite proud of the animated buttons that I made myself, as well as the banner (all done in Corel Photo-Paint).  While blogging is much easier, I must say blogs tend to look a lot more bland than these old-style crafted websites.   

My French army still occasionally goes to war, though I’m afriad my generalship doesn’t usually match that of the great Napoleon himself.

2 thoughts on “Valeur et discipline

  1. V&D is still one of my favourite sites, Roly.

    I still check from time to time just for the eye candy, and the fact that it simply oozes enthusiasm!

    Love to see it updated, although clearly you have a lot of other projects on the go these days.

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