British battalion gun

I’ve taken a pause from painting my 60+ figure French battalion, and have added a  gun to the previously completed British battalion.

My 28mm Minden Miniatures project aims to recreate the units from the movie Barry Lyndon.  As far as I recall, there were no British guns in the movie.  But there was a French battalion gun.  So I’ve decided to do the same for the British, and give them a battalion gun.

I’ve painted the crew as redcoats from the regiment, rather than as blue-coated Royal Artillery.  The Minden figures aren’t exactly correct for this (some of the lace is different between the gunners and their infantry comrades), but such small details don’t bother me … I just want the overall effect.  Anyway, bear in mind this army is based on a movie, not on real-life, so anything not portrayed in the movie is totally up to me!

The gun itself is a left-over Minifigs Napoleonic piece, so is totally inaccurate! 

I’ve also painted a few of the Minden generic casualty figures.  These are sculpted to represent no particular nation, so their uniform details differ from their uninjured fellows in the battalion.  But, again, it gives the effect I want.

One thought on “British battalion gun

  1. Thanks to your excellent painting I’m really getting to like these Minden figures. Look forward to the next instalment.

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