New Italeri North African house

This rather attractive North African house, the latest building release from Italeri, has piqued my interest.   The only problem is that none of my gaming is set in the North African desert!  But maybe this house could make a neat Spanish Peninsular War outpost (perhaps with a little work to remove the dome and add some pantiles here and there).  And it would also make a great harbour building for pirate games.

I already have their two Italian houses in my terrain collection, and nice they are too.  Even though 1/72 scale, with a small amount of work on the doors they easily translate to 28mm.

Italeri also do an impressive Italian church model.  I would eventually like to add this to my collection too, but missed out on buying it the last time it was in stock at my friendly local gaming shop.


9 thoughts on “New Italeri North African house

  1. I don’t think you would need to remove the dome for Spain. Isn’t a lot of Spain influenced by Muslim/Islam (I forget which) invaders from many years earlier?

    Anyways, a very nice model 🙂


  2. If you are still keen to get the Italeri Church now, Acorn Models have one in stock (or at least they did last week) priced around $80. I’m sure a phone call would easily secure it for you.

    1. True, don’t “need” to for reality’s sake. But for me the hobby is all about perceptions rather than reality, and for me “Spanish” is all pantiles, not domes!

  3. I guess that’s to go with their WWII Afrika Korps AFV’s and similar, but it looks fairly timeless and adaptable, for sure. I’m intrigued by the range of what’s available now generally, actually – way back in the 80s when I was on my model-making/IPMS jag, there was nothing like what’s out there now. I guess the arrival of 3D printing and (more particularly) China’s industrialisation has been a game-changer.

    1. Every year since I returned to wargaming in the late 1990s, I hear people saying “Is this the golden age of wargaming?” in terms of what is available. But then every year it gets even better!

      Interestingly, in this hobby it isn’t all about China, either. Much of the progress has been British. Renedra Ltd, for example, are the plastics manufacturer that seem to be doing a lot of good stuff right now.

      1. True. And Wellington seems to be one of the hives of industry there too – in general modelling terms I see Peter Jackson has dived in with some very specialist hyper-detailed kits under the Wingnut brand. Mind you’ve always been pretty energetic, locally – I think Tore Martin’s still going with his Falcon products, and very good they are too.

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