Here we go again – another big Minden battalion

Yep, the start of another big battalion painting project.  I got my second unit of Mindens cleaned up and washed tonight, ready and waiting for their coat of spray primer over the weekend.  This time it’s a French unit, to be based again on the movie Barry Lyndon

Fusilier Scott Bowman did the tricky job of drilling out the hands for the standard bearers and sergeants for me.  Merci beaucoup, Scott!  

There are a few Minden gunners in the background of the pic below, too, as well as a couple of other mounted officers to form the start of my staff.

I know what I’ll be working on for the next couple of months or so!

3 thoughts on “Here we go again – another big Minden battalion

  1. I’m really starting to dislike your blog! 🙂 It’s going to cost me money, I’m sure of it. I’ve been a fan of your efforts for a few years now and your Minden project is pushing me toward a new precipice over which I’m sure I’m bound to fall.



  2. Those French look very nice “en masse” and I will look forward to seeing what they look like once painted. I can see why you are searching for appropriate artillery pieces to use with such fine figures. Maybe the Elite Swedish 4-pounder barrel could be matched up with a smaller gun carriage from another range of smaller artillery pieces. I would suggest looking at the RSM cannon as their figures are very close in size and style to the Mindens.

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