What is your favourite wargaming MIDI/MP3 file?

Music and wargaming are intricably entwined for me.  When I play a horse-and-musket wargame, in my head I hear the beating of drums, the trilling of fifes, the skirl of pipes … or even the plaintive melody of a violin or harmonica around the campfire .

So I keep my ear out for nice pieces of music to accompany my gaming and painting.  My absolute favourite piece (which goes ideally with American Civil War gaming) is the atmospheric  Ashokan Farewell by Jay Ungar ©1983 by Swinging Door Music.  The MIDI file of this tune is on my old Gettysburg website, and is, in my opinion, one of the nicest MIDI files of music anywhere: very atmospheric, quite restrained (only a single instrument), but oh so moving. 

Click here to listen to ‘Ashokan Farewell’

This tune is best remembered as the soundtrack of the television series The Civil War by Ken Burns.   Oddly, considering it is so appropriate, it is a relatively modern piece and was not written to do with the Civil War at all.

 If you open my Gettysburg site, the music will play automatically.  Yes, I know, it is bad website design to have an automatically-starting tune, but this is one of the first sites I ever made, and I’ve now lost the passwords to update it! But the site shows how well this tune goes with pictures of miniature Civil War soldiers in action.

The 5th New York State Infantry (Duryea's Zouaves) - a photo on my Gettysburg website made so much more evocative with the music (28mm Redoubt figures, GMB flags)

So, what are your favourite pieces of wargames-related music, preferably available as easy downloads (eg MIDI, MP3)?

2 thoughts on “What is your favourite wargaming MIDI/MP3 file?

  1. Well you know I am a huge Tolkien fan , and can happily paint for hours listening to the soundtracks from the three movies, but from them I think the most moving, pleasing track is “concerning hobbits” from the first movie, beautifully shown here:

    I am not sure how to download it as a MIDI/MP3 file, I’m not that techno-savy!

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