Progress on Minden SYW British

Well, I’ m halfway through painting my Minden SYW British regiment.  This is the biggest unit I’ve ever painted, so is quite an undertaking.  Yesterday I allowed the regiment to go on parade, even including the remaining batch of recruits who still need to be uniformed.  My understanding is that the mounted colonel was very pleased with his new men, and the officers and NCOs had the recruits marching like veterans already!

My unfinished Minden regiment on parade, under the watchful eyes of the mounted colonel.

The GMB Design flags really look good, too.  I chose the colours of the 47th Regiment of Foot, but this unit will actually be portraying the fictional regiment in the movie Barry Lyndon, which also has white colours.  The movie regiment has a name, as I recall, but I have not yet stop-started through my DVD to find it.  Anyone who knows the name offhand, could you please post a comment and so save me a job! 

As you can see, I am still currently working towards an organisation of three companies (one being grenadiers) of 16 men each.  I’m still inclined towards eight-man bases (four plus four), so two bases to each company.  And I’m thinking that all officers, NCOs, standards and drummers will be on separate bases so they can be re-arranged to match the regiment’s formation.  While modelled on Charge! or how to play wargames,  this organisation will be aimed at no particular set of rules, so is purely based on just how I want it to look … and what could be a better reason than that?!

The grenadier company leads the way.


3 thoughts on “Progress on Minden SYW British

  1. in the movies I think it is the Killganwon or Killgannon the book he is one of the six minden the Movie he ends up in the Regiment vov Bulow..which from meory is actuallt a fislier regiment..

  2. Lovely paint job, Roly. I’m very impressed with the detail of the Minden figures and I can see why Rhys is collecting them.

    I can confirm that Redmond Barry enlisted in the Kilwangan Regiment in British service. Obviously a ficticious unit but it does portray well the way regiments were quickly raised in times of war during the period. Ireland proved a lucrative recruiting ground, especially in a time when recruits were ‘officially’ required to be Protestant!

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