Well, here we go!

After having followed many blogs, I’ve finally decided it is about time I started one myself.   I’ve built and maintained quite a few websites in the past (you can see them listed in the sidebar on the right), but blogging is a whole new experience for me.  So bear with me if I make a few mistakes a while I learn to blog by trial and error!

I’ve built up a list of likes and dislikes about blogs in my years of lurking.  Hopefully I’ll be able to make this blog feature what I consider as the highlights of my favourite blogs.  These include:

  • eye-candy pictures, but not sacrificing quality for quantity
  • pictures big enough to get the full effect, not little thumbnails
  • a wide range of topics
  • interesting and breezy writing
  • not too many spelling errors or typos (can’t promise on that one though – my typing fingers are faster than my brain, and I’m a hopeless proof-reader!)
  • pointers to sites and videos of interest that I might find during my browsing
  • occasional book reviews
  • relatively frequent updates (I’m hoping for every week or so, but we’ll see!) 
  • a clean-looking blog (and no dark background – a pet peeve of mine)
  • no bare lists of figures I’ve painted that week (boring!).

Naming this blog gave me many happy hours of quiet musing on my daily commute to work, as I mulled over many ideas.  Dressing the Lines might not be the most imaginative of final choices, but I think it is better than my previous idea of Par-rum Par-rum Par-rum-pum-pum (the rolling drum sound  I was humming to myself – in true wargamer fashion – as I lined up the Minden miniatures for the header photo shoot).  I’m still not totally fixed on the name Dressing the Lines, so any clever suggestions, especially if they include word-plays on either ‘Fusiliers’ or my moniker ‘Arteis’, would be appreciated.

Roly at Waterloo, 2005
Your host, hot and bothered after a sultry day of reenacting at Waterloo in 2005.

So, there we have it.  I’ve started the blog rolling – let’s see if I can keep up with it.  But no matter how it goes in the end, this will make me appreciate the efforts of all those bloggers who have inspired me to finally make this step.

10 thoughts on “Well, here we go!

  1. Dear Roly,
    We can only expect the best from any effort with which you are associated. Even if you only recount battles with your superb figures, this will be a blog to which I will often return.
    Well done!

  2. Congratulations Roly !!!

    I was expecting you to create a blog . It is done ..
    So , i wish a long life to the newborn ” baby ”
    As you noticed i read all messages of Fusiliers .

  3. Thanks Roly for this blog which is the only news i have from your side .
    I sebt Happy New year messages to your previous adresses i had .I think you never received them .
    Keep going on , Roly , with a good health . Continue to make me dreaming about tour tremendous figures as i cannot paint anymore myself waitting for surgery .All the best .

    1. Bonjour, Eric! So nice to hear from you, but sad that your health prevents you from painting.

      You were the second-ever person to comment on my blog three years ago. So great to see you here again!

      My main email is the ‘paradise’ address – do you have that one?

      A bientot …


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